Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Pefect Gift

Not What Eyes Meet, But What Lies Behind

Slap my face! :)

It was real. It really was. I'm already holding it. :))))))))))))))))
I already lose hope to have one before because of lack of financial budget. I wanted to magnify the reason because it was true. It supposed to be my Dad's plan to buy me one in his work place but to my surprise of how many years of expecting and hoping that maybe soon I'm gonna get the camera inside the Balikbayan Box but it turned out to Mom's winning prize plus an additional from Tita Weng and poof cold cash purchased of this. I guess, I have waited for almost 2 years for this and now it's finally here. And I'm so thankful. Really really thankful of my Mom because of her I've been here to where I am now, because of my Mom everything happened, everything got sense and real. My mom is just so precious and so dear to me. I am a witness of my Mom's sacrifices, of her laughter, of her breaking moments of everything and I can say my Mom is everything. It's just so wonderful to have a Mom like her, she's amazing, she's very strong, she always make sure everything is balance to her two children, equal treatment, equal and endless love. A SUPER MOM. A WONDER WOMAN. 

ITS NOT THE CAMERA, IT'S THE GREATNESS OF MY MOM. I keep talking about my mom because she's the only one I have now. Even before, she's not just a merely bulb that lights the house, but also a fence, a foundation, a keeper, maintenance. Actually, she plays every role. That's why I admire her persistence. My DSLR is an earthly thing, a sacrifice Mother's love but my Mom, she's the perfect gift that God gave me and so I'm thankful, blessed and forever grateful.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Fourth Day|Positive and Looking Forward for Excellence

 So TUESDAY was genuinely ecstatic and overflowing with positiveness. After performing our masterpiece of fusion of Contempo-Warrior Dance I really felt delighted and pleased because of positive feedback. And it's not something to be boast but I guess, a great thing to be proud of. :) And it was truly a good start for me as a rookie choreographer of contemporary. And it will not just end there, I'll make sure that I'm going to create more quality choreography of such genre. 

Mr. Congeniality

Monday, September 17, 2012

Epitome of Optimism

5th Day|theCHALLENGE

Script and Spiels for UB Academic Olympics 2012

I can't think of phrases or sentences on how will I describe my Monday. All I can say is that it was awful. I was very very awful. I messed up in my emceeing. I didn't expect that to happen because I knew I can actually speak well but what happened awhile ago was really embarrassing. I have put myself in to humiliation. That's what I think. That's how I ruined my hosting career. 

BUT. Let's stop thinking negative. I'm an optimist. I'm a certified one. So where on the earth can you find a successful person without experiencing failure? I botched. Yes, I admit but towards the end I have redeemed myself. I got the chance to perform well on the last part. At first, I was really groping and making some adjustments because the last time I hosted an event was June and the fact that the invitation was given to me 4 days plus the requirements and the deadlines I need to meet. I lacked of time for preparation. And unfortunately, it really turned out unsuccessful but no regrets because there were many lessons that I have learned for this day. First, the spontaneity. An emcee should always be fast in thinking spiels to fill up the dead air and he should always be spontaneous and organized as well. Second, the flexibility to adjust in language that will be used. I was really challenged because there is changing of language in the event awhile ago. If the category is English, speak English, if it's Filipino, then shift. :) Interesting yet challenging. It was really difficult on my part because I'm not comfortable in Filipino seriously.Mahirap lalo na't hindi mo talaga ito nakasanayan at hindi ka masyadong bihasa. Kaya naman ngayong alam ko na, kailangang balanse. If you're proficient in English, Eh kailangang bihasa ka din sa wikang Filipino. Lastly, Preparation. This is essential, I believe. The more you are prepared, the more you're confident. The more you are experienced, the less mistakes you will commit. I considered this as one of my best experience, aside from there were really numerous realizations It was just a perfect foundation for me to be competent in doing hosting such events. 

I just want to quote the line that strike me in one of the speech of the contestant: "Kung saan ka nadapa, dun ka dapat bumangon." Which is indeed true :)

Sabi ko naman,"Kung hindi ka maniniwala sa sarili mo, Sino pang maniniwala sa'yo?"

Your optimist Mr. Congeniality.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Celebration NO MORE :)

BIRTHDAY shall turn out an ORDINARY DAY

6 Days left.
Personally, Birthday is one of the most special and celebrated day for me. Maybe because it was intended and especially made for you to at least have fun, and to realize that you have reached another year, and again you will start a new life. Bigger, Better, Bolder. 

At this moment I don't know how will I celebrate my 18th Birthday. Seriously, I feel like I'm not suppose to expect such a grand celebration because of financial constraint, I admit it because my sister just got from Hospital after a week of sickness. So basically it means that there will be NO CELEBRATION, NO PARTY, and NO GIFTS. I'm pretty much expecting that. And it struck my heart so much. 

So let's just wait until I reach my legal age. I'm just becoming too materialistic, very earthly. So who cares if there's no party? no celebration at all? I wanna make my birthday an ordinary day to forget that it's one of my special day. It's nerve-wracking but to cut this illusions and expectations it's better if not to think about it and just let it pass. 

the CONTEMPORARY Experience



I was able to get the chance to do contemporary choreography this week (09/10/12 - 09/12/12) because of the up coming performance this Tuesday (0918/12) for Academic Olympic 2012. And I must quote "I'm lovin' it!" Contemporary is one of a kind genre that need flexibility, concentration and creativity to create such a quality choreography. At first, I thought it will no longer be possible because of time constraint and the limited time given to us but I was very optimistic to finish the task and fortunately I was able to overcome and successfully done the routine. Of course with the help of the Ate Sarah, Dee-Anne, Ronald, Shammy and Ate Tanya. 

What's odd in this piece is that it is a combination of warrior dance and a classical contemporary with basic ballet. It's actually a masterpiece. And this is what I'm known for, I'am a man of mixture, I always combine, I always put new flavor to classical and I'm brave enough to do experiments. Its not that I don't want the traditional but I just want something new when I do routines, I always make sure that I go out of the box, tries to balance everything and putting up a jam-packed show that is truly a worth of watching. That's me, your Mr. Congeniality. 


Monday, September 10, 2012

COY? No More.

At first, I thought it was a bad decision to cut my hair with this kind of hairstyle [military cut inspired] but as soon I received positive comments and appreciation then why keep holding back and keep thinking that you're ugly?  So I decided to flaunt myself and show to the world that I'm confident of my appearance and whatever they may say behind me I should not look back but instead look forward and make things better. :) 


Meet your Mr. Congeniality 

At first, I thought it was a bad decision for me to cut my hair with this kind of hairstyle like military cut but as soon as I grasp the fact that I'm a man and I should look more like a man then It was just a piece of cake. And besides, there were people who actually apprecitaed